New York’s Green-Blueprint

A cover article published in WaterWorld considering how pressures of climate change and extreme weather events are fostering innovation in New York’s municipal water sector.

New York’s water sector finds itself in an exciting state of transition. Aging infrastructure is being revitalized and expanded in alignment with the city’s growth, while water asset stakeholders are engaging with outside sectors to deliver more holistic solutions, better integrated within the city. The result: water system development not only tuned for the challenges of today’s New York but safeguarded against uncertainties of the future.

In New York, maintaining municipal water assets has gained added significance in recent years with the high ambitions set forth by OneNYC — a comprehensive, multi-faceted strategy for the city’s development. Here, attention to water infrastructure is a prominent feature, identified within several of the strategy’s visions and subordinate initiatives.

These plans — perhaps most notably a net-zero energy target for the city’s 14 wastewater treatment plants by 2050 — position New York as a national leader in water solutions. Catalyzing evolution in New York’s water scene, the various goals are driving stakeholders to explore novel technologies for more efficient, sustainable water treatment and supply.

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