Machine Learning in the Water Industries

A cover article published in WaterWorld looking at the advent and application of machine learning in asset management across several domains of the water industries.

Murmurings of the emergence of artificial intelligence are unavoidable in today’s modern world. But the technology’s early application in the water sector, a market that is still coming to grips with digitalization of its assets and processes, is prompting optimism.

Broadly speaking, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computer processes operating in a manner akin to human thought and learning. Machine learning, a major branch of AI, utilizes con- cepts like pattern recognition and dynamic, real-time data analysis to determine rules that are embedded within and drive data to deliver a powerful modeling and decision-making tool.

Because of its adeptness at handling data, AI makes for an ideal tool in the data-rich world of water asset management. But as Will Maize, a research director at Bluefield Research specializing in municipal water infrastructure projects and trends including smart water technology applications, explained, AI is arriving right on time to accelerate broader changes in the sector.

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