“My approach to writing at Phlebas is rooted in an appreciation for the science at play. I hold degrees in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, but I’ve always been fascinated by all sorts of technology and its potential to advance society. Maintaining the attitude of a student and always keen to learn more, my work now revolves around emergent technologies. I have a particular focus on renewable energy and clean tech.”

Phlebas was founded in August 2014 by William Steel — a freelance writer based in Aarhus, Denmark. In the future it’s hoped that others will also contribute to the site such that Phlebas establishes an interdisciplinary team of authors, with a shared passion for technology, development and contemplation of the future of our world.

For information about his writing as a freelancer — including articles similar in theme to Phlebas — click here, or visit William Steel @ Pinterest.

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