Phlebas recognises there to be several fields of rapidly advancing science and technology that are altogether contributing towards laying foundations that will come to define the near-future of human society and shape the world in which we live.

Seeking to paint a picture of what this world might look like, we will be conveying stories on the advancement of consequential technologies, together with the challenges and opportunities that are inherent to them.


Close to the heart of Phlebas is the position taken towards the single most critical issue we face in the world today – the very real, and potentially catastrophic implications that stem from climate change.

While humankind has proven capable of great genius and unquestionable eagerness for constructing a better, healthier and more prosperous world, for all our advances we remain beset by the irony that in many ways we move into a future abound with threats and unpredictability.

The generations that look back upon us may do so remarking with distain at our naivety, and contempt for an ignorance that propagated the exploitation of the planet.  That we possess the tools and science for altering this dangerous course is almost certainly the case.  What remains to be seen is the implementation of solutions as we move into the future.  With this in mind, we note that climate change, energy and sustainability will be core themes at Phlebas.

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