William Steel | Freelance Portfolio

As a freelance writer, I’ve been published in several magazines and online media outlets with articles covering the renewable energy and water industries, as well as various clean-tech solutions.

My work can be found in Recharge, Renewable Energy World (complete list of publications), WaterWorld, Cleanleap and Ars Technica amongst others.

Some articles are behind paywalls, but a selection of content that’s freely accessible is listed below.


Renewable Energy

IRENA Announces Funding Round for Renewables in Developing Nations, November 2016

Thassalia: France’s First Marine Geothermal Energy Power Plant Inaugurated

Spain Closes In on 50 Percent Renewable Power Generation, September 2016

Hydropower Outlook 2016: Exploring the Water-Energy Nexus and Energy Storage


Water Industries & Technology


Wind Power

The North Sea Wind Power Hub

Fraunhofer IWES Announce New Test Bench for Offshore Wind Turbines

First Commercial Power Achieved from MHI Vestas’ Mammoth 8-MW Turbines

Siemens Celebrates Topping Out Ceremony at New Wind Turbine Factory in Cuxhaven, Germany

France Gears Up for Floating Wind

Insights from the Global Wind Energy Council 2016 Outlook

Go-ahead Given for World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm: 1.8-GW Hornsea Project Two

Norway Reaping the Rewards of Foreign Investment in Wind Power

Major Players Laying Crucial Stepping Stones to Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Growth

Substructure Testing Paving the Way to Longer Wind Turbine Blades

The Wind Power Horizon for Denmark, November 2015



Solar Power

Encouraging Potential for Self-consumption of Solar PV in Germany


Marine Power

First Power Begins from Major UK Tidal Power Project MeyGen

Promising Prospects in Microgrid Development from Carnegie Wave Energy

Scotland Welcomes World’s First Grid-Connected, Commercial Tidal Power Array

Mauritius Takes Great Step Forward for Wave Power, Microgrid Design


Energy Storage

Energy Storage Market Outlook 2017: State of Play

Tesla Powerpack Arrives in Europe

Progress for UK Battery Energy Storage Market

SolarPower Europe Outlines Key Conditions for Fostering Solar Storage

STORNETIC Flywheel Technology To Be Trialled in France

Challenges and Potential for Pumped Storage Hydropower in the UK

Storing Energy in the Sea — A New Design for Marine Energy Storage

Shuttered Mine Streamlines Development, Slashes Costs of Pumped-hydro Storage in Australia



The Transition

Global Renewable Energy Investments Edged Up Slightly in 2015

Ancillary Systems for the Future: The SmartNet Project in the EU


Clean Leaps in Technology

Off-Grid LED Lighting: Cleanleaping to a brighter future…with job creation into the bargain

Coolar — an electricity-independent medical refrigerator

A Look at Emerging Drone Delivery Medical Services

An update on Google’s Project Loon