The Wind Power Horizon for Denmark

As Denmark moves toward new energy policies for the coming decade, industry and government contemplate wind power’s role in a comprehensive energy strategy to secure the renewable transition.

SpaceX rocket disintegrates in skies over Cape Canaveral

What was pitched to be a historic moment for SpaceX took a disastrous turn as the Falcon 9 rocket disintegrated several moments after launch. This was the nineteenth Falcon 9 launch by the pioneering rocket company. The launch was part of SpaceX’s Commercial Resupply Services contract with NASA, and was the seventh mission to deliver supplies via…

A Primer on Carbon Nanotubes – Part 1

An in-depth look at one of the most promising materials of nanotechnology – carbon nanotubes. Part 1 provides an introduction, covers the discovery of nanotubes, and details on their extraordinary structure and properties.