A Primer on Carbon Nanotubes – Part 1

An in-depth look at one of the most promising materials of nanotechnology – carbon nanotubes. Part 1 provides an introduction, covers the discovery of nanotubes, and details on their extraordinary structure and properties.

On the Arrival of Oculus Rift

The formal arrival of virtual reality as Oculus reveal final design of the Rift at a pre-E3 event together with new content, and next-gen controller system ‘Oculus Touch’.

Setting the Pieces: the VR race is on

With announcements this week of two new VR devices, we now have a timeframe for the commercial release of all the major VR devices. The good news – VR is coming far sooner than you might have realised.

Introducing Project HoloLens

A look at Microsoft’s Project HoloLens: a head-mounted holographic computer system that’s weighing in on a new generation of tech that’s sure to change the face of computing.