An outlook on the landscape of nuclear powered desalination

An article published in WaterWorld looking at the status of nuclear powered desalination; providing a primer and insights on the technologies in play, feasibility and future opportunities of securing potable water through nuclear power from International Atomic Energy Agency, the International Desalination Association and others.

Machine Learning in the Water Industries

A cover article published in WaterWorld looking at the advent and application of machine learning in asset management across several domains of the water industries. Murmurings of the emergence of artificial intelligence are unavoidable in today’s modern world. But the technology’s early application in the water sector, a market that is still coming to grips…

Water Desalination Looks Windward

Wind power has the potential to help reduce the carbon and energy footprint of power hungry water desalination plants. There are a lot of reasons why wind and desalination go well together, but the challenges are clear.